Neymar after missing a pass from his PSG teammate while trying to get the crowd going in a 2-1 Champions League win over Liverpool
(Image: Twitter/BT Sport)

VIDEO: Neymar misses pass from PSG teammate while encouraging the crowd in 2-1 win over Liverpool

Was oblivious to ball from Presnel Kimpembe in frustrating period for Thomas Tuchel's side.



Neymar contrived to miss a pass from Paris Saint-Germain teammate Presnel Kimpembe because he was looking the other way, trying to rile up the crowd, as the ball rolled past him during their win over Liverpool.

The Brazilian was seemingly involved with everything in the Champions League Group C clash at Parc des Princes on Tuesday night.

Midway through the second half, with the score already 2-1 to the hosts, Neymar called on the crowd to provide further encouragement to the players in order for them to hold on to their lead over the English.

However, in a frustrating period for the hosts, he failed to pay attention to the game and was completely oblivious to a pass from the defender that ended up going out for a throw.

Nevertheless, Thomas Tuchel’s side secured a deserved victory and look set to progress to the knockout stages of the competition.