Before Neymar barges a kid in a five-a-side match, he taunts him with step-overs
(Image: Twitter/Tomasz Mortimer)

VIDEO: Neymar barges child who tackles him in his own five-a-side tournament

Lost the ball after a series of step overs.


Here's Neymar losing the ball to a kid in his own 5 a side tournament then barging the kid over in retaliation pic.twitter.com/jxaY1G1fr9

— Tomasz Mortimer (@TomaszMortimer) July 24, 2018

Neymar appeared to barge over a youngster who tackled him in a five-a-side match, in a tournament organised in the Brazil international’s name.

Hosted in Santos, Neymar Jr’s Five is an annual competition that reportedly features teams from over sixty countries accross six different continents.

After taunting one of the children with a series of characteristic step-overs, Neymar has the ball taken off him and he reacts by pushing his opponent up against the wall in an effort to retrieve it.