Pablo Pérez stamps on a drone mocking Newell's Old Boys during 3-0 derby defeat to Rosario Central
(Image: Twitter/Newell's Old Boys - English)

VIDEO: Newell’s Old Boys player stamps on drone during Rosario derby match

It was carrying a banner mocking his team.


Newell’s Old Boys midfielder Pablo Pérez stamped on a drone flown by a Rosario Central fan during Sunday’s derby match between the two sides.

It flew over the field of play during the early stages of the Argentine Primera División fixture, carrying a banner goading Newell’s about some high-profile defeats in recent meetings.

Pablo Perez vs el Drone pic.twitter.com/T5AsisjD8z

— fabro (@FabroLuna) May 3, 2021

Central’s Lucas Gamba managed to pull it down and took it over to behind one of the goals at the Estadio Gigante de Arroyito, where Pérez smashed it with his foot and bounced a ball on it.

Someone then carried it away and the game continued, with Central going on to record a 3-0 victory.