Newcastle's Ayoze Pérez kicked the ball into Anthony Martial's face during a 0-2 defeat to Man Utd
(Image: Twitter/Secret Footballer)

VIDEO: Newcastle’s Ayoze Pérez kicks ball in Anthony Martial’s face in game against Man Utd

Collapsed in a heap midway through first-half of Premier League clash.



Manchester United’s Anthony Martial was hit in the face by the ball after Ayoze Pérez kicked it towards him from close range during a game at St James’ Park.

Newcastle were defeated 2-0 as they played host to Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s rejuvenated Man Utd side in the Premier League on Wednesday night.


— Tom Harrison (@Tom_Harra) January 2, 2019

With the game still goalless, play was stopped midway through the first-half so that the French international midfielder could receive treatment after being whacked by the wild clearance.

A little dazed, Martial was able to recover and rejoin the other players on the pitch before being substituted in the 63rd minute.

Brave Footballers Number 28: Anthony Martial. #NEWMUN #PreyForMartial pic.twitter.com/2gJqgWSx36

— Secret Footballer (@TSF) January 2, 2019

His replacement, Romelu Lukaku, went on to score the first goal of the game just moments later.

This, added to a another late strike, was enough for the honeymoon of Old Trafford’s latest manager to continue.

Tony martial the video game! pic.twitter.com/mIOg4Uu6ou

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