Neil Patrick Harris attended a Manchester City game but cheered for Manchester United
(Image: vagueonthehow)

VIDEO: Neil Patrick Harris cheers for Manchester United at Manchester City game

His "first football slash soccer game".


‘go manchester united’- neil patrick harris whilst wearing a city shirt at a city game pic.twitter.com/ZfGXt1HMCb

— roma (@hansoIos) July 26, 2018

How I Met Your Mother actor Neil Patrick Harris seemed to be confused over what team he was supporting when watching Manchester City face Liverpool in New Jersey last night.

The American TV star and his son were kitted out in blue City shirts, sitting in the hospitality section at the MetLife Stadium for the pre-season friendly tournament game.

But there was a disasterous start to their “first football slash soccer game” as Harris was seen to shout, “go Manchester United!”