Nancy goalkeeper Geoffrey Jourdren kicks ball at Brest fans following his side's 2-1 defeat
(Image: Twitter/@StaditoFootball)

VIDEO: Nancy goalkeeper kicks ball at Brest supporters after Ligue 2 clash

Targeted the flag-waving ultras stationed behind his goal.

📽️⚽️ [CAMERA OPPOSÉE] C'est Noël à Brest, même les joueurs adverses envoient des ballons aux fans en tribune. 🎁😂 #SB29ASNL #Jourdren #Ligue2 pic.twitter.com/PHEoXJ6LkU

— Stadito ⚽📝 (@StaditoFootball) August 25, 2017

Watch AS Nancy goalkeeper Geoffrey Jourdren kick the ball into a stand full of Brest supporters at the end of a Domino’s Ligue 2 clash between the two sides on Friday night.

Following the final whistle at the Stade Francis-Le Blé, apparently fed up with the flag-waving Brest ultras stationed behind the goal following Nancy’s 2-1 defeat, the 31-year-old, former France Under-21 international fired the ball into the crowd.

This appeared to start a big argument, with several Brest fans managing to make their way onto the pitch.

they weren't on there Brest behaviour

— KloppComp (@KloppComp) August 25, 2017

What a tit

— Welsh Legends (@WelshLegends) August 25, 2017

There’s also a view from inside the stand, amongst the Brest supporters:

📽⚽ Scène surréaliste à Brest où Jourdren envoie une praline sur les Ultras Brestois à la fin de la rencontre. #Ligue2 #SB29ASNL pic.twitter.com/jn2EdAhhSU

— Stadito ⚽📝 (@StaditoFootball) August 25, 2017