Morecambe defend against Carlisle United's 6-yard indirect free kick with their whole team behind the ball
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VIDEO: Morecambe defend indirect free kick on 6-yard line with all 11 men behind ball

Commentator laughs at unusual situation.

Morecambe defended an indirect free kick from six yards out with all eleven of their players behind the ball during Saturday’s game against Carlisle United.

Derek Adams’s Shrimps won 3-1 at their Globe Arena ground to move up to 4th in League Two, and on 70 minutes an unusual situation arose.

Morecambe giving Carlisle a right beating , Derek Adams done an amazing job there on second lowest budget in league two

— Les Kaye (@LesLk52) March 6, 2021

While in possession of the ball, their goalkeeper Kyle Letheren dropped it accidentally and then picked it up again, which isn’t allowed in the rules.

This led to the award of an indirect free kick on the edge of the six-yard box, with one Carlisle player having to touch it to another.

The commentator laughed at the farcical nature of the scene as Morecambe sent their whole team back to easily deal with it.