Mohamed Salah appears to smoke in an anti-smoking advert - but it's not him
(Image: Instagram/Mo Salah)

VIDEO: Mohamed Salah appears to smoke cigarette in anti-smoking advert

Could it be?


Liverpool star Mohamed Salah appears to smoke a cigarette in this anti-smoking advert he shared on his Instagram – but don’t worry, it’s not really him.

We see the Egyptian doing kick-ups to the sound of fans chanting the Mo Salah song to the tune of “Sit Down” by James.

Mohammad Salah made a video in Arabic saying he's worried about us & we should stop smoking so I expect all Arabs to quit smoking by midnight. Thank you.

— WHY BREH (@wot_m8_) May 9, 2019

He then volleys the ball away before turning to a pack of cigarettes on a table, then seemingly putting one to his lips and lighting up.

After the camera pans in for a close-up of smoke billowing out from the other side of his famous afro, the real Salah emerges to reveal it was just a lookalike actor.

but i feel i cannot stop it at all.

by all ways i have tried, nothing can stop me from smoking….

but if Salah can, i will try back!

— Frizze Wicson (@SirFWicson) May 10, 2019

He says:

Hey! Thought it was me? You were worried about me? How about you worry about yourself? Quit smoking, live better.