An MLS security guard hit on the head with the ball gives a thumbs-up
(Image: YouTube/Major League Soccer)

VIDEO: MLS security guard hit on head with ball, but he’s okay folks

Emerges triumphant after forceful thwack to back of head.

See an MLS security guard get hit on the back of his head with the ball with a quite forceful thwack before he signals to the crowd that he’s okay.

Innocently watching the spectators with his back to the action, the poor man was caught by a wayward ball from Colombian Fabián Castillo as FC Dallas clashed with Canadian side Montreal Impact at the Toyota Stadium on Saturday.

It appears quite a nasty-looking hit, but the MLS security guard barely moves and we soon see him raise one of his fists to let everyone know he’s fine.

The crowd cheers their new hero and then everyone gets back to what they were doing in the video uploaded to Major League Soccer’s YouTube channel.

We’re then treated to a close-up of the man and a triumphant thumbs-up for the camera… followed by a clip of Chuck Norris.