Millwall supporter coaxes child into offensive chant
(Image: Twitter/@Footy_Fooligans)

VIDEO: Millwall supporter coaxes child into offensive chant

Young boy in police costume ends expletive 'song' with highly offensive line.

This is disgusting, wait till the end 😤, no surprise with who they support either, make this video go viral😡 pic.twitter.com/EaOCY8BeJp

— Football Fooligans (@Footy_Fooligans) November 26, 2016

See the shocking viral video that appears to show a child of primary school age being encouraged into a racist, expletive-ridden Millwall chant by an older lady who sits beside him in a car.

The young boy, dressed up in a policeman’s costume complete with hat, bellows out the ‘song’ while the other passengers laugh.

The video cuts out after a final, highly offensive line, is uttered.

Police are said to be aware of the clip:

@CJagainandagain Officers have been made aware of this video. At this stage it is not known where or when the footage was filmed.

— Met Contact Centre (@MetCC) November 26, 2016