VIDEO: Micah Richards injury prank on City staff at TV ad rehearsal

Micah Richards feigns an injury and scares the City staff after slipping during a TV commercial rehearsal.

Micah Richards injury prank on City staff at advert filming rehearsal
Richards… Injured again (Image: YouTube/Manchester City FC)

Watch the Micah Richards injury prank, as the Manchester City defender pretends to have pulled his hamstring during a rehearsal for a TV commercial.

Wearing studded football boots on a green, slippery studio floor meant Richards was sliding all over the place during the shoot, which was brought to a halt before the injury-prone England international had a serious accident.

Paul Mulholland, a mischievous member of the CityTV team, caught Micah on his way out and asked him to feign an injury in order to scare the staff helping out with the advert.


Richards limps into an office to meet up with Manchester City photographer Sharon Latham and Senior Partnership Marketing Manager Jane Farquhar after the rehearsal and, to their horror, claims that his hamstring’s gone:

Think I’ve pulled my hamstring.

I swear… When I slipped, I swear.

The player eventually reveals the truth to the obvious relief of the women and shouts “you was getting sacked, you was getting sacked”, pointing to each of them in turn.

See the full Micah Richards injury prank on City staff after a TV ad rehearsal below: