Darren Davies, Melbourne Victory coach farts on bench
(Image: Twitter/Paul Ifill)

VIDEO: Melbourne Victory coach farts on bench

On the sidelines of his side's 0-2 win at Adelaide United.


Answers on a postcard please!
What is the victory assistant up to here?#silentbutviolent pic.twitter.com/Tf0JABOzSB

— Paul Ifill (@PaulIfill) January 7, 2017

Watch as a Melbourne Victory coach farts on the bench while sitting on the sidelines of his side’s 0-2 win at Adelaide United on Saturday.

Assistant Darren Davies can be seen alongside manager Kevin Muscat, appearing to slyly take an opportunity to break wind while his boss was looking the other way.

The moment, that was captured by the television cameras at Hindmarsh Stadium for the A-League clash, can be seen in the short clip.