A match played under rocket fire in the Middle East, possibly on the border of Yemen and Saudi Arabia
(Image: Twitter/Ahmed Mohamed)

VIDEO: Match in the Middle East played with missile fire overhead

Attendees not too bothered.


Youth in Yemen playing football while rockets fly over them. Is this bravery or getting used to your environment? pic.twitter.com/IbC1Ni3t6D

— Ahmed Mohamed ((ASMALi)) (@Asmali77) August 2, 2018

A sky illuminated by missile fire thought to be from the Saudi Air Defense system doesn’t seem to bother the participants of this game or those watching from garden chairs.

There seems to be some debate over whether the match is actually being played in Yemen, as the uploader claims, or just over the border in Saudi Arabia:


Although the source of the video is unverified, since 2015 the Saudi Arabian government have been leading a coalition of nine African and Middle East countries attempting to influence the outcome of the Yemeni Civil War in favour of the incumbent president.