Marseille fan scores a goal after being allowed to take a ceremonial kick-off before game against Toulouse
(Image: Twitter/Olympique Marseille‏)

VIDEO: Marseille fan scores goal after being allowed to take kick-off before Toulouse clash

Made the most of reward for charity fundraising effort.

A vélo ou sur le terrain, il est inarrêtable 🔥

👏 Bravo Kamel pic.twitter.com/k62MWaezkE

— Olympique Marseille (@OM_Officiel) September 25, 2017

See an Olympique de Marseille fan score a goal at the Stade Vélodrome after being given the chance to take a ceremonial kick-off before their 2-0 win over Toulouse on Sunday.

Being rewarded for a charity fundraising effort, the burly fan made the most of his chance.

Ignoring the directional instructions from the referee, the man instead chose to run towards the visitors’ goal at the opposite end of the pitch.

The Marseille supporter dribbles past the Toulouse players waiting in formation and strikes a reasonable shot at goal, beyond the hands of the diving goalkeeper.

Cue tearful goal celebration.