Marcelo Salas had a fight with security at a holiday resort
(Image: Ministerio Secretaría General de Gobierno)

VIDEO: Marcelo Salas fights security at holiday resort

Has to be pinned down by staff while bikini-clad girlfriend Gianella Marengo fights his corner.

Watch as Chile legend Marcelo Salas fights security personnel at a holiday resort after an argument, reportedly to do with rugby, got a little out of hand.

You can hear the dismayed cries of Salas’s TV personality girlfriend Gianella Marengo in the background while a gaggle of white-shirted individuals pin him to the ground, before a livid and bikini-clad Marengo gets up in the staff’s faces and has to be ushered off.

In the interests of balance, here’s former Juventus, Lazio and River Plate striker Salas in more dignified times scoring a stunning volley against England at Wembley…