A man attempts to overhead kick a red balloon on the pavement
(Image: Twitter/@zordeplasman)

VIDEO: Man’s attempt to overhead kick a balloon on the street caught on CCTV

Didn't end well.



See the CCTV footage of one guy’s attempt to overhead kick a balloon he spotted blowing around a fairly busy pavement he was walking along.

The man spies the red balloon and knocks it a few times, before waiting for what seems like an age for it to drop to the height required for his spectacular effort.

A woman walking close behind him realises whats about to happen and hastily gets out of the way.

The bicycle kick then dramatically fails and the man ends up in a heap on the floor after his shoe comes flying off.

It’s not clear where the incident took place but conveniently-placed security cameras recorded the whole thing.

There’s even a shot from the opposite direction: