A Manchester United fan 'of 30 years', since birth, didn't recognise George Best on Soccer AM
(Image: NL-HaNA, ANEFO / neg. stroken, 1945-1989)

VIDEO: Manchester United fan ‘of 30 years’ doesn’t recognise George Best on Soccer AM

30-year-old man "born a United fan", repeatedly fails to get the answer.

This humorous clip features Soccer AM‘s Laura Woods speaking to a Manchester United fan who repeatedly fails to recognise George Best from a photo shown to him outside Vicarage Road after their clash with Watford on Saturday.

Challenging fans on their knowledge of the United squad in the ‘Fanzone’ portion of the show, the presenter was reportedly “surprised by what they don’t know”.

Despite claiming that he’d been “born a Man Utd fan” in 1986, the questioned supporter still couldn’t get the answer when offered a hint in the form of the legendary player’s initials.

Woods also manages to help a cheerful home fan get a selfie with Michael Owen, who was there as part of the punditry team, after one previously thwarted attempt.