VIDEO: Manchester City gnomes

See the Manchester City gnomes billed as "the world's smallest football team", collected by a veteran fan for his garden.

Manchester City gnomes
Gnomes… In Stockport garden (Image: YouTube/Manchester City FC)

See the Manchester City gnomes, collected by a veteran fan and billed as “the world’s smallest football team”, in the latest edition of the club’s #mycity YouTube series.


This episode features Paul Quinn, who lives in Stockport and has amassed a team of ELEVEN Manchester City gnomes, as well as FIVE mini ones and SIX more supporting from the sidelines.

Leading us around his garden, 50+ Quinn proudly displays City legends, Mike Summerbee, Rodney Marsh and Colin Bell in garden gnome form.

Gesturing towards Marsh, Paul tells us that:

Rodney Marsh, up until recently, was my all time hero but he’s been surpassed by David Silva now.

There’s also “Eyal Berkovic, who I adore” as well as several other stars from the sixties.

Five more recent arrivals at the Etihad, Sergio Agüero, Pablo Zabaleta, Yaya Touré, Vincent Kompany and David Silva, have a place in the garden as mini gnomes because he “unfortunately can’t get hold of the big ones anymore”.

It all started when Paul received his first gnome, with Quinn 50 on the back, as a gift for his 50th birthday.

He got in touch with the guy that made them and the collection was started.

The gnome-mad supporter even has a turnstile from the old Maine Road stadium installed in the middle of his hedge!

And signs off with a heartwarming message:

It’s good to share your stories to encourage people to share their stories.

See the Manchester City gnomes as this fan take us on a tour of his garden: