VxMP's JOSE OUT song
(Image: YouTube/VxMP)

VIDEO: Manchester United fan releases professionally-produced José Out song

"Man ain't even got tactics / What are we doing in practice?"


A Manchester United fan with the artist name VxMP made a music video for his track “JOSE OUT”, a lyrical broadside against Red Devils manager Mourinho.

Released at the beginning of September, the final straw for VxMP appears to have been the 0-3 defeat to Spurs at Old Trafford:

From Sevilla post match interview up untill Lucas Moura spun our whole pitch. This has been brewing for time.


SANCHEZ?!?!?! #JoseOut video out now.

Full video: https://t.co/TmNycXkZos pic.twitter.com/a5fYqTXHtl

— Vx (@VxmpFKM) September 5, 2018

Selling on iTunes and Amazon among other outlets, “JOSE OUT” includes people wearing masks of players as well as such choice lyrics as:

Please don’t open the window if that man is involved / He’s not trying to sign no one ’til they’re at least 29 years old

Man ain’t even got tactics / What are we doing in practice?