Player sends opponent rude voice messages after losing a game of FIFA 19
(Image: Twitter/Calyn Paton)

VIDEO: Man hurls abuse at youngster after losing to him in online FIFA 19 match

Conceding twice from four shots a source of ire.

Fifa 19 … pic.twitter.com/T0vsubarTF

— Calyn Paton (@CalynJPaton) October 9, 2018

A man screamed abuse at a youngster after losing to him in an online FIFA 19 match, even appearing to threaten violence.

Taking particular issue with the fact that his opponent scored twice from only four shots, the loser’s verbal broadside also targets the winner’s nationality.

He screams:

You smelly f***ing little Scottish, Irn Bru drinking little c***. Four shots, two goals?! You’re f***ing s***!

Come meet me, and I’ll f***ing cu…

At this point he is cut off.