Man City fan gives a German Sky Sports reporter a wet willy before a Champions League match against Hoffenheim
(Image: Twitter/The Real Casuals)

VIDEO: Man City fan gives Sky Sports reporter a wet willy before match in Hoffenheim

Also steals his notes and drapes scarf over him.



A Manchester City fan gave a German Sky Sports News reporter a wet willy and stole his notes before the 2-1 win at Hoffenheim on Tuesday evening.

Broadcasting live from Sinsheim, the town in which Hoffenheim is a village, the unlucky correspondent is terrorised by a man recognised as Simon by people watching the screen in this clip.

‘Wet willy’ is defined by YourDictionary as “a prank whereby a saliva-moistened finger is inserted into an unsuspecting person’s ear, often with a slight twisting motion”.

In the game itself, Man City fell behind to an early goal but battled back to win 2-1 with goals from Sergio Agüero and David Silva.