VIDEO: Madrid players laugh as Gareth Bale slips on ball in training

Gareth Bale fails to control the ball and falls, much to the amusement of his colleagues.

Real Madrid's Gareth Bale slips on a ball in training session
FELL: Bale (Image: YouTube/BeanymanSports)

See Gareth Bale slip on a ball in training as his fellow Real Madrid players point, laugh and mimic his cock-up.

Attempting a piece of skill during a short passing game, Bale collapsed as he failed to control a ball played in his direction.

The former Spurs player’s superstar colleagues do not rush to his aid but instead appear highly amused and begin to discuss the incident amongst themselves before being sent on another run by the coach in charge.

Check out the complete clip of Gareth Bale slipping on a ball in training as everyone laughs at him below: