VIDEO: Luis Suárez advert on Uruguayan TV

Watch the Luis Suárez advert running on Uruguayan TV for Abitab that features the Liverpool star working in an office and annoying his colleagues.

Luis Suárez advert for Abitab on Uruguayan TV
Suárez… New signing (Image: YouTube/ladiezpublicidad)

Watch the Luis Suárez advert currently running on Uruguayan TV for Montevideano company Abitab that features the Liverpool star signing for the company to work in a basic administrative role.

The controversial Uruguayan international takes centre-stage in the new commercial and plays the annoying co-worker that we love to hate.

Based in an office and smartened up with a shirt and tie, Suárez looks every bit the modern, young professional.

While everyone else is working hard, he pushes keyboards away, complains about the coffee, kicks doors and copiers and blows out the candles on someone else’s birthday cake.

While his new colleagues moan about Suárez’s influence in the work environment, the player takes a dive after a light touch from a fellow worker and calls for a substitution.

Highly recommended, watch the full Luis Suárez advert, LUIS SUAREZ ESTÁ EN ABITAB, below:

Spot de televisión realizado por La Diez Publicidad para Abitab protagonizado por Luis Suárez.

Productora: Kafka Films
Director: Oliver Garland

… roughly translated as:

TV Spot made ​​by The Ten Advertising for Abitab starring Luis Suarez.

Studio: Films Kafka
Directed by Oliver Garland

… thanks Google Translate!

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