Singing Liverpool fans went to a Barcelona club shop with inflatable Champions League trophies
(Image: Twitter/Alan Rowan)

VIDEO: Singing Liverpool fans invade Barcelona club shop with inflatable Champions League trophies

Continued the celebrations after beating Tottenham at Atlético Madrid's Metropolitano Stadium.



A group of Liverpool fans paraded into a Barcelona club shop singing and waving inflatable Champions League trophies after the team won the tournament final in Madrid.

A 2-0 victory over Tottenham on Saturday night saw Jürgen Klopp’s side become European champions at their second attempt in two years.


In the days following the game, the supporters appear to have found the Barca shop featuring former Liverpool players Philippe Coutinho and Luis Suárez on the outward-facing display.

They invaded the store while cheering with their replica cup inflatables and singing songs for a couple of minutes, before lining out of the exit and posing in front of the Coutinho poster.