Liverpool fan asks a shopkeeper if he's stocking any Everton cups, or if he's even heard of them
(Image: Twitter/AnfieldUrchin)

VIDEO: Liverpool fan asks shopkeeper whether he stocks any Everton cups

Point made.


A Liverpool fan in a shop selling tourist tat asked the shopkeeper if he was stocking any Everton cups, knowing full well he wasn’t.

Filming the selection, the supporter sees mugs bearing the crests of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona and of course his beloved Reds.


Sensing the opportunity to make a humorous point and have a dig at Liverpool’s local rivals, he asks the shopkeeper if there are any Everton ones.

Receiving the answer he wanted, he then asks the man if he’s even heard of Everton – which he hasn’t.

He finishes by thanking the shopkeeper and leaving.