VIDEO: Liverpool art for Warrior executive box at Anfield

Paintshop Studio paint the wall in Warrior's executive box at Anfield
Executive box wall… Defaced (Image: YouTube/warriorftblofficial)

Liverpool’s latest kit-maker wanted to improve the Warrior executive box at Liverpool with a nice mural.

So Paintshop Studio arrive and create a trendy-looking piece celebrating Liverpool’s past and present.

Surrounded by fans, giant images of Ian Rush, Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler adorn the wall and look down over the historic city.

In their own words, Warrior say:

When we got hold of our executive box there was a lot to be done.

We started by giving the room a full re-decoration, but something was still missing.

So, we commissioned the guys over at Paintshop Studio to create a unique piece that is a modern twist on the values and tradition of Liverpool, the Club and the players.

Watch Paintshop Studio work on the wall of the Warrior executive box:

Spotted on: KCKRS