VIDEO: LFC TV accidently announce Luis Suarez has signed a new contract with Liverpool, realise mistake and cease programming

Luis Suarez, who was announced by LFC TV to have signed a new Liverpool contract before the new was officially released by the club
Luis Suarez… Premature announcement (Image: Paulblank)

Staff responsible for LFC TV were left red-faced on Tuesday as they let slip that striker Luis Suarez had signed a new Liverpool contract, before the news was officially announced by the club.

The red-dedicated channel aired a clip reporting that the controversial Uruguayan had signed a deal to extend his stay at Anfield, before presumably panicking engineers pulled the plug and a still image informing viewers that there had been a “temporary fault” was displayed.

Watch a video of the shenanigans below:

Saving the club from further potential embarrassment, the negotiations seem to have avoided any last-minute hiccups and ESPN later announced:

Liverpool’s own TV channel accidentally broadcast the news that Suarez had signed a new deal prematurely, but ESPN can confirm that a new deal has been thrashed out following his involvement at the Olympics.