VIDEO: Leighton Baines gives fans lift to friendly match

Watch and wince as Everton fan attempts world record for use of "lad" in a single sitting.

Leighton Baines gives fans lift to friendly between Everton and Blackburn Rovers
You don’t have to be a body language expert… (Image: EvertonArentWe / YouTube)

Leighton Baines gives fans lift to match, everybody’s happy, right? We’re not so sure.

For all his on-pitch brilliance, the Everton and England star still comes across as rather a modest sort of guy, perhaps even shy.

That might explain the nervous smiling and itching in this video of him driving some Toffees supporters to Saturday’s pre-season friendly at Blackburn Rovers, in which Roberto Martínez’s men ran out 3-1 winners.

Just as likely, however, is the relentless badgering of the somewhat inebriated-seeming fan in the front passenger seat, who firstly draws a subtly hilarious look of concern from Baines when it’s obvious he’s being filmed.

Said supporter proceeds to embark on a world record attempt for use of the word ‘lad’ in a single sitting, all the while denying himself and his friends the chance of an exclusive by constantly talking over Baines to remind him, as if he doens’t already know, that he’s quite a good left-back.

Want to see a top international footballer trying gamely to disguise his discomfort in the presence of an overenthused fan? Watch and wince…

Frankly, we don’t blame him – would you want to be stuck in a car with that guy?

Hats off to him, though – his actions here bear the mark of a true gent, not to mention a Premier League footballer refreshingly shorn of ego.

Good taste in music too, we gather.

“Leighton Baines gives fans lift by signing new long-term contract” – now there’s a headline that all connected with the Goodison Park club would like to see next, and here’s why (warning: hit ‘mute’)…

Incidentally, why does everyone who uploads player comps to YouTube deem it their duty to sync it with the worst music they can possibly find?

If you upload player comps to YouTube and you’re reading this: thank you for the service, but for crying out loud get your ears tested.