Landon Donovan jumps off a taco truck onto some fans
LEAP: Landon (Image: Twitter/AO Phoenix)

VIDEO: Landon Donovan jumps onto fans off taco truck and is nearly dropped

Yells expletive than leaps into unexpecting throng with near-calamitous results.

Our national treasure @landondonovan just jumped off a taco truck at the #AONB4! #USAvHON #WCQ #USMNT pic.twitter.com/aijmR762yE

— AO Phoenix (@AOPHX) March 24, 2017

Watch in anxiety as USA legend Landon Donovan jumps onto fans from the top of a taco truck, a stunt which very nearly goes badly wrong.

Donovan, who enjoyed two successful loan spells at Everton, announced his retirement from football in 2014 and was spotted backpacking in Cambodia.

However, he came out of retirement last September to play for La Galaxy during their play-off run, playing nine games and scoring once.

Last Friday he announced his second retirement, and on the same day he attended a USMNT fans rally before the 6-0 World Cup qualifying win over Honduras.

It was at this rally that Donovan decided to yell “mother f***ing USA” before jumping off a taco truck into a throng of unexpecting supporters.

Although some of them scatter in fright, just about enough of them remain to catch Donovan and help him avoid serious injury.

Here is a humorous take on the moment, seemingly based on a meme recently used by LA Galaxy to mock a diving opponent:

Man… that @landondonovan jump got weird real quick. pic.twitter.com/UcqFj6VotI

— The American Outlaws (@AmericanOutlaws) March 24, 2017