Jürgen Klopp confused his translator with a labyrinthine answer during his Villarreal v Liverpool press conference
CLIP: Klopp (Image: Jürgen Jung)

VIDEO: Jürgen Klopp confuses translator with long-winded answer

Howls of laughter from press as translator forgets which language he's supposed to be speaking in.

Watch as Jürgen Klopp confuses his translator with a labyrinthine answer to a question during his pre-match press conference for the first leg of Villarreal v Liverpool in the Europa League semi-finals.

Presumably Klopp had been speaking since long before the start of this clip, because once he’s finished he turns to the translator and grins mischievously while the assembled reporters laugh.

“I don’t even know where to start,” mutters the translator, who’s so thrown by the challenge facing him that he begins recapping Klopp’s response in English.

Which might have been fine had Klopp not just been speaking in English himself.

Cue renewed laughter from the press and calls for the translator to speak in Spanish, which he quickly reverts to.

If that’s the kind of discombobulating effect that Klopp can have on people, he might want to give the pre-match team talk to Villarreal’s defenders.

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