VIDEO: John Carew and son dance the Antenna

John Carew and son
So Solid Carew (Image: YouTube/JohnTeVe)

Azonto is a dance and genre of music from Ghana, one which involves “a frenzied set of hand movements that either mimic everyday activities or are meant to signal an often comical intention”. Ghanaian musician Fuse ODG appears to have formulated an offshoot known as ‘Antenna Dance’, which involves “one person controlling the other using azonto movements”. In fact, he roped in Wyclef Jean and scooped a hit with it:

Sounds like perfect meme fodder to us, so let’s watch former Norway centre forward John Carew and son dance the new Azonto “Antenna”…

Nottingham Forest midfielder Henri Lansbury, a former teammate of Carew’s at West Ham United, was certainly entertained by the video…

@jcarew10 ahahahahaha i fucking miss u I do ahaha

— Henri Lansbury (@HenriLansbury22) March 20, 2013

John Carew’s illustrious career took in stints at Valencia, Lyon, Aston Villa, West Ham United and Stoke City, and he now looks destined for a second bout of stardom with this slick display of – *ahem* – dance floor “skillz”.

This of course follows the slew of Harlem Shake videos, as provided by Manchester City, Fulham and the Crystal Palace cheerleaders.