VIDEO: Joey Barton calls Zlatan Ibrahimović big nose

Joey Barton calls Zlatan Ibrahimović big nose
Barton Big Nose (Image: YouTube/PaaqStudio)

Watch Joey Barton call Zlatan Ibrahimović big nose during the PSG v Marseille cup clash last night.

The Angel and The Devil came up against each other once again in a fiery Le Classique, with David Beckham at the centre of a 2-0 win for Paris Saint-Germain.

France’s latest footballing superstar played almost the whole came, coming off with just four minutes left, and picked up an early yellow card after an altercation with several OM players, including Barton himself. Beckham dominated the midfield, geed on by massive home support singing out his name.

Joey Barton has excelled in France recently and has become an integral part of the OM line-up, but he couldn’t get through this game without bumping uglies with Zlatan Ibrahimović as well.

Ibrahimović and Barton challenged each other in the air and the latter strenuously claimed that he’d been elbowed in the process.

There was an angry exchange of words and Barton seemed to mock Zlatan’s big nose, indicating a large protrusion from his face using one of his fingers.

Despite being impeded by the nose, the big Swede scored both goals on the night and secured another vital victory for PSG over their rivals.

Watch the Barton / Ibrahimović big nose incident video below: