Jermain Defoe trick shot turns on tap
THIRSTY WORK: Defoe (Image: Instagram/Jermain Defoe)

VIDEO: Jermain Defoe turns on tap with trick shot

Sunderland striker fetches a drink of water in show-boating fashion.

Just gonna put the tap on, get a drink #Jdtapchallenge

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Watch Jermain Defoe showing off in his own kitchen, using a trick shot to turn on the tap and fetch a drink of water.

The 33-year-old Sunderland striker has been in vintage form this season, netting 12 goals in all competitions, but we can only imagine how insufferable he must be around the house if this is his approach to domestic tasks.

As impressive as the trick shot might be, it’s precisely this kind of over-elaborate approach to simple jobs that might explain why he was recently advertising online for a multi-skilled personal assistant.