Six women dress as man to watch Persepolis FC
(Image: Twitter/Mahboobeh KHANSARI)

VIDEO: Iranian women disguise themselves as men to watch Persian Gulf Pro League game

Wear wigs and fake beards to see Persepolis FC crowned champions.


Here is one of the six Iranian women who dressed up as men to see Persepolis FC crowned champions for a record eleventh time.

Wearing a man’s wig and a fake beard, she joins in with the fans’ singing as her favourite team won 3-0 against Sepidrood Rasht.

Women are banned from entering stadiums in Iran, although FIFA President Gianni Infantino – who was also at the game – claims to have had assurances from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that there are plans to overturn this.

دختری دیگر که با گریم وارد استادیوم آزادی شد. pic.twitter.com/oQKP7MHA0b

— Mahboobeh KHANSARI (@MahboobKhansari) April 28, 2018

Here’s a picture of all six women together at the Azadi Stadium:

این دختران شش تا بودن که قرار رفتن به استادیوم را می‌گذارند اما گویا یکی‌اشون گیر می‌افته و از ورودش جلوگیری می‌کنند. (منبع: روایت یکی از این جمع) pic.twitter.com/2qLuDdBjmE

— Mahboobeh KHANSARI (@MahboobKhansari) April 28, 2018

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