An Arsenal fan can't spell Özil when asked during an interview for a YouTube channel in Lagos
(Image: Twitter/goalmactv)

VIDEO: Arsenal fan struggles to spell ‘Özil’ in interview on streets of Lagos

"Zero, S, I, double L."

This is the funniest thing you'll see all day😂

Watch till the end😂 pic.twitter.com/vatL8u4RIu

— goalmactv (@goalmactv) November 13, 2018

An Arsenal supporter in Lagos failed in his attempt to spell ‘Özil’ when asked to do so by the presenter of Nigerian channel The GoalMac Show.

Despite wearing a Gunners shirt and naming Mesut Özil as the team’s best player, he proceeds to spell the German’s surname “zero, S, I, double L”.

Here is the full episode of fans trying to spell players’ names: