'Injured' Turgutluspor player carried off the pitch by opponents from Karşıyaka
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VIDEO: ‘Injured’ player carried off pitch by opponents in Turkish playoff match

Makes remarkable recovery immediately afterwards.


A player apparently feigning injury was carried off the pitch by two opponents during Sunday’s TFF Third League playoff final between Karşıyaka and Turgutluspor.

The Turkish fourth-tier showpiece at the Mardan Sports Complex hit a testy note as Turgutluspor’s Necmi Çoban, who had just been sent off, went down clutching his head during extra time.


Annoyed by his antics, Karşıyaka midfielders Mustafa Aşan and Harun Atalay picked him up to carry him to the touchline, only to be stopped by the referee.

Çoban leaped straight back up to remonstrate, casting doubt on just how injured he actually was.

Despite going on to be reduced to nine men with Mehmet Kuruoğlu’s red card, Turgutluspor managed to stay level at 2-2 before winning 7-5 on penalties.