Manager Ian Holloway blames the handball rule change on the European Union on The Debate on Sky Sports
(Image: Twitter/Sachin Nakrani)

VIDEO: Ex-QPR manager Ian Holloway blames new handball law change on the European Union

Tells Sky Sports discussion programme, "that's what we all voted for".


A pundit on The Debate on Sky Sports, Ian Holloway cited the controversial recent change to the handball law as a reason for the UK to leave the European Union as soon as possible.

A goal from a disheartened Gabriel Jesus was disallowed for a very slight handball following a VAR review in Manchester City’s 2-2 draw with Spurs on Saturday.

for Ian Holloway: EU not responsible for football laws.
Of the world football bodies, the one that implemented the handball change is the most British. IFAB ft 8 members (England, N Ireland, Scotland, Wales & 4 FIFA). David Elleray is technical director https://t.co/vkrpQAlvmz

— Rob Harris (@RobHarris) August 20, 2019

Discussing the decision on the late-night football talk show, 56-year-old Bristolian Holloway said that “they should get rid of that rule straight away, [it] doesn’t make sense”.

The Ex-QPR manager, who has spent time in charge of seven different clubs, then sought to use it as a reason for the Brexit process to continue:

I don’t think that’s our boys, making up that new change to the law.

I think that’s people telling us what we should do with our game.

Now, they should stop doing that.

I hope we get out… with Brexit, ‘cos that’s what we all voted for… and sort that out.

Because you cannot have someone telling us how to do our own game, right?