VIDEO: Horse soccer sweeps across America

See the new sport of horse soccer that is currently taking the nation by storm.

A horse soccer match, taking place in America
SOCCER: Horses (Image: YouTube/Rich Vigue)

The new sport of horse soccer is apparently spreading across America like wildfire.

Taking place in a sandy enclosure, riders direct their animals about the pitch, running after a 50-inch ball.

If a horse manages to “nudge, leg push or kick” the ball in-between the posts a goal is scored.

An investigation from Montana-based Missoulian reported that:

A colorful, tall American Saddlebred named Zorba was this game’s equine David Beckham.

“He lives for this game. He knows how far the goal is,” said his rider Chelsea Picchioni, of Roundup, during their warmup. “He’s figured the game out, and I don’t think there are many horses like that.”

Watch this clip of a horse soccer match in America, below:

Missoulian also noted that:

As the horses cooled down, the riders exchanged more jokes and tips about where to buy the best soccer balls. The ones with the toughest skins cost $185.

“I’ve got a little mule at home I’m trying to acclimate to the ball,” said Kathi Ferguson, of Laurel, competing on her Morgan, Buggsy. “He’s popped 10 of these cheaper balls so far.”

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