VIDEO: Harry Redknapp attacked by gazebo

Incident predicted in 2012 tweets.

Harry Redknapp attacked by gazebo
ATTACKED: ‘Arry (Image: Twitter/Who Ate All the Pies)

Harry Redknapp was attacked by a gazebo while filming an analysis segment on today’s transfer deadline dealings, and let’s face it, you want to watch it.

If like ours your first thought just so happened to be “he’ll be staying in the car from now on, then”, Harry’s beaten you to the punch…

Can't believe it. Attacked by a gazebo! Will stick to doing #DeadlineDay from my car in the future. http://t.co/VpsTqV9Azb

— Harry Redknapp (@Redknapp) September 1, 2015

Let it not be said that Harry Redknapp can’t laugh at himself, or indeed at the lunging spectre of a wind-bothered gazebo.

The Harry Redknapp gazebo attack was eerily predicted as far back ago as 2012 by the following tweets, which occurred within exactly a month of each other:

Harry Redknapp…he has much In common with a cowboy builder In that he never completes any job.Get back and build Toottenham's gazebo harry

— K00L_DUDE (@K00L_DUDE) June 13, 2012

Roy Hodgson arrives. He pulls up in a fancy new car. A gust of wind catches Harry Redknapp's gazebo and it tumbles away. #LastDayofFootball

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) May 13, 2012