Hajduk Split Under-19s player Tino Blaž Lauš is sent off for copying Diego Simeone's groin celebration after scoring
(Image: YouTube/Dario Vranjković)

VIDEO: Hajduk Split youth player sent off for copying Diego Simeone’s groin celebration

Thrusting leads to straight red in under-19s game in Croatia.



Croatian side Hajduk Split had a player in their youth team sent off for doing a groin goal celebration recently exhibited by Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone and then Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tino Blaž Lauš put Hajduk 3-1 up against Hrvatski Dragovoljac Under-19s in the 56th minute of a match in Siget on Thursday.

He did a quick thrust after finding the back of the net, only to be shown a straight red card by the referee who was in close proximity.

Simeone celebrated in a similar fashion when his team scored a second in a Champions League tie against Juventus before Ronaldo then did it after scoring a hat-trick in the return leg.

This is one of the truly great football stories. Hajduk youth player copies Ronaldo and Simeone’s “groinal” celebrations and gets sent off for it https://t.co/06Hp4XgAvD pic.twitter.com/jIlLaoI8Nm

— Richard Wilson (@timomouse) March 14, 2019

The Atletico coach was fined €20,000 for his actions but it’s not yet known whether Ronaldo will face similar punishment.

Full coverage of Tino Blaž Lauš’s groin celebration and subsequent sending off are below: