Groom is Brentford mascot on his stag do
(Image: Twitter/@Josh_Ackland_)

VIDEO: Groom set up as Brentford mascot against Bolton on stag do

Participated in kickabout and walked out with the players ahead of Championship clash.


As part of his stag do, it was arranged for the groom to be one of Championship side Brentford’s mascots for their 2-0 win over Bolton at Griffin Park on Saturday.

Naturally appearing in full kit on a chilly January afternoon, the grown man enjoyed a pregame kickabout on the pitch before walking out with the players ahead of kick off:


There was a slight correction to the story by the main man himself:

I'm 38 ffs.

— Nick Goff (@nickgoff79) January 14, 2018

And the father of one of the other mascots provided a little more of the story:

My son (aged 8) thought you did very well in the little training drills you did but was very clear about how unfair it was letting an “old man play with the kids”. Well done for taking it like a stag should. Kept us Bees fans amused.

— Tommy L Yeah! (@TommyLYeah) January 14, 2018

The stag, said to to be a Wolves fan, claimed he tried not to ruin their day:

thanks! Tried to take it with good grace and not get in the way of the "proper" mascots having their big day.

— Nick Goff (@nickgoff79) January 14, 2018