Twitter user Charlie Paterson's grandfather does keepie uppies with a beer can tied to a string
(Image: Twitter/charliepaterson1)

VIDEO: Grandfather does kick-ups with beer can on a string

Makes it look easy.

My Grandads kick up challenge, he’s nailed it! What you think @Boro @nmaddo @SoccerAM pic.twitter.com/2Vi3O9ypgx

— charliepaterson1 (@Charliepat01) April 9, 2020

This Twitter user’s grandfather participated in the kick-up challenge by doing keepie uppies with an empty beer can tied to a piece of string.

Charlie Paterson shared the clip of his granddad making the skills exhibition look easy – largely on account of the fact that it was.

Who do you think taught @fundacionmessi to make it look like he’s got the ball on a piece of string?

— Steven Hyde (@Beaver_78) April 10, 2020

Many people have been posting videos on social media of themselves doing kick-ups with various items while at home during the ongoing global coronavirus outbreak.

In this instance, an empty can of Foster’s Lager did the trick as a makeshift football, but the challenge aspect of it was significantly lessened by the presence of the string.