VIDEO: Goalkeeper scores significantly wind-assisted own goal

Assaf Mendes scoring an own goal for Dynamo Kiev when playing for Maccabi Haifa
Assaf Mendes... About to score (Image: TheSportsChannel/YouTube)

Maccabi Haifa’s goalkeeper Assaf Mendes was left dismayed after scoring an own goal from his own kick. He managed to boot the ball some distance, but it soon turned around and Mendes was unable to prevent the ball bouncing into his own net.

Maccabi Haifa were playing Dynamo Kiev in a 60 minute practice match, ahead of Israel’s friendly with Ukraine, and both teams had to deal with some very strong wind conditions – as evident from the video.

Israeli reports have suggested that that later in the game one of the goals was blown into the air, causing the match to be slightly delayed.

Possibly not quite the most embarrassing own-goal you’ve ever seen but it was definitely sensational, and that’s what we’re about here at Burp Towers. Watch the goal in full below: