XSKT Can Tho goalkeeper celebrates penalty save against Công An Nhân Dân with knee slide towards referee
(Image: Twitter/James Dart)

VIDEO: Goalkeeper celebrates penalty save with knee slide in front of referee in Vietnamese 2nd tier

Conceded spot kick in the first place.

Goalkeeper in Vietnam concedes last-minute penalty. Saves it. Celebrates with a knee slide at the referee pic.twitter.com/SpocHFDncI

— James Dart (@James_Dart) March 19, 2021

The goalkeeper of XSKT Can Tho celebrated saving a penalty by knee-sliding at the referee during a Vietnamese 2nd tier match against Công An Nhân Dân.

He conceded the spot kick in the first place by bundling over an opposition attacker in the final minute of Friday’s game at the Cần Thơ Stadium.

Very foolish behavior by Can Tho Capital’s goalkeeper. He was already carded for the tackle that led to the penalty, runs at the referee after blocking the shot. pic.twitter.com/hxYudgWAEk

— Viet Footy (@VietFooty) March 19, 2021

As such, his triumphant taunting seems a little misplaced, and he was also lucky not to receive a red card having already been booked for the challenge.

In the end, his save ensured that the score stayed level at 1-1 in the opening fixture of the new V.League 2 season.