Giorgio Chiellini playfully punches Jordi Alba as the captains meet for coin toss before Italy's penalty shootout win over Spain in semi-finals of Euro 2020
(Image: Twitter/Jonny McFarlane)

VIDEO: Giorgio Chiellini playfully fights Jordi Alba during coin toss before Italy vs Spain penalty shootout

Spanish captain doesn't like it.


Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini playfully shoved and punched his Spain counterpart Jordi Alba during the coin toss before their penalty shootout.

The stalwart Juventus defender could scarcely have appeared more relaxed as his team prepared for spot kicks in the semi-final at Wembley.

I’m no body language expert but this was the moment I knew Italy would win it pic.twitter.com/2fD97S9bvH

— Olaf Falafel (@OFalafel) July 6, 2021

By contrast, Barcelona’s Alba seemed in no mood for fun and games following the 1-1 draw after extra time on Tuesday.

Chiellini laughed and mucked about before eventually pulling Alba in for a hug, which he didn’t resist despite seeming less than enthralled with.

Roberto Mancini’s Italians triumphed 4-2 on penalties to book a place in Sunday’s final against the winners of England vs Denmark.