Amasya Lohne v BW Lusche match plays through a warehouse fire in the background
SMOKY: Scene (Image: YouTube/arki82)

VIDEO: German match plays on through warehouse fire

Amasya Lohne's 2-0 win over BW Lusche plays out to spectacular backdrop.

‘Incredible scenes’ is a much-overused phrase nowadays, but it certainly applies to this footage of a German match playing on through a warehouse fire.

Amasya Lohne’s 2-0 win against BW Lusche was played out to the backdrop of thick plumes of billowing smoke as a nearby Wiesenhof warehouse burned down, causing only minor injuries to two people.

In the video you can hear the sirens making their way to the scene of the blaze, while some fans are even heard laughing as the extraordinary spectacle unfurls.

Wiesenhof is described as “one of Europe’s biggest players in the poultry processing industry” and even sponsors Werder Bremen of the Bundesliga.

It may not have been a high-profile match, but this warehouse fire certainly made a memorable occasion of Amasya Lohne v BW Lusche.

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