VIDEO: German hooligan throws bin, hits friend, misses police

A German troublemaker hits a fellow thug instead of his intended target - the riot police.

The hooligan throws bin video sees a German thug hit his friend with a container like this, missing his intended target - the police
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Watch this hooligan throws bin video that sees a hapless German troublemaker pick up a large rubbish container and hurl it at armoured riot police only to see it whack into his mate, sending him sprawling to the floor.

The clip was filmed in the midst of a heated battle with the European officers, reportedly following a fairly uneventful German 4th division clash.

One thug is shown aiming a huge plastic dustbin at an approaching line of police but the masked man ends up hitting a fellow supporter, who was caught unaware as he was involved in a close-quarters scuffle at the time, in the back of the head.

The victim can later be seen being dragged back to his comrades as there doesn’t seem to be much interest in making arrests.

Watch the hooligan throws bin video, that sees the big rubbish container hit the attacker’s friend instead of the police, in full below:

Uploaders LiveLeak report:

That bin must stink because I saw the police spraying perfume afterwards.