Geese invade pitch at People's Pension Stadium during Brighton and Hove Albion vs Manchester United in the Women's Super League
(Image: Twitter/Footballers with animals)

VIDEO: Geese invade pitch during Brighton vs Man Utd in the WSL

Wild chase ensues.

Pitch-invading ducks putting in a quacking performance at Brighton vs Man Utd pic.twitter.com/ve516VfiKs

— Footballers with animals (@ftbllrswanimals) April 4, 2021

Two geese invaded the pitch at People’s Pension Stadium as Brighton and Hove Albion took on Manchester United in the Women’s Super League on Sunday.

A wild chase ensued as Seagulls duo Inessa Kaagman and Ellie Brazil went after the errant waterfowl in an effort to get the game back on track.

A first for me today as a commentator. A duck pitch invasion ! Or – on closer inspection – they might have been Egyptian geese. https://t.co/08Nxd6xUD0

— Emma Jones (@emmajonessport) April 4, 2021

However, their attempts to shoo the birds from the field of play were not entirely successful at first.

Kaagman was the goal-scorer on the day, the Dutch midfielder’s penalty sealing a 1-0 victory that hit United’s hopes of a Champions League finish.

Brighton on the other hand managed to successfully bounce back from their 5-0 thrashing at Everton last time out.