Gary Neville hurries a selfie a Russian reporter tries to take of them both
(Image: Twitter/Max Allanazarov)

VIDEO: Gary Neville asks Russian reporter to hurry up when taking a selfie of them both

"Take the picture."


Мимо проходил) pic.twitter.com/JQqG4unzMY

— Max Allanazarov (@KyKyPyKy22) October 23, 2018

Gary Neville appeared to become slightly frustrated when a Russian reporter took a little too long over a selfie he was taking of the two of them.

The pair bumped into each other ahead of Manchester United’s Champions League clash with Juventus at Old Trafford on Tuesday night and the man seems to have taken the opportunity to ask for a photo.

But, while the journalist was recording a video, Neville repeated “take the picture”.

A picture-perfect smile turns into a frown before the player-turned-pundit eventually walks off.