A Gareth Southgate ice sculpture, made for the Sky Sports Christmas party
(Image: Twitter/John Bolton)

VIDEO: Gareth Southgate ice sculpture carved for Sky Sports Christmas party

Cool likeness of man who led England to a World Cup semi-final this year.

Gareth Southgate ice sculpture for Sky Sports party- late night carving with last minute touches- see more at https://t.co/Zqz6J0NRaf #skysports #garethsouthgate #crawley #westsussex #manorroyal #icesculpture #christmasparty #englandteam #football pic.twitter.com/7BWiQiDgIa

— john bolton (@JohnIceAgency) December 21, 2018

This imposing and detailed Gareth Southgate ice sculpture was crafted by John Bolton’s Ice Agency for a Sky Sports Christmas party.

The ice carver set to work after the replica was commissioned by the media organisation for the staff’s festive celebrations earlier this week.

Sky Sports News today- keep an eye out for the Gareth Southgate ice sculpture https://t.co/Zqz6J0NRaf Ice Agency #skysportsnews #skysports #englandmanager #garethsouthgate @FootballAssoc @SkySportsNews pic.twitter.com/vdVH49aurE

— john bolton (@JohnIceAgency) December 21, 2018

Bolton could be seen ahead of the affair applying the finishing touches to his sculpture in Manor Royal, an industrial zone within the town of Crawley, near Gatwick airport.

England manager Southgate was honoured at the do after leading the country to a World Cup semi-final in Russia in the summer of 2018.